About Me


 I am an artist and an art teacher. I have worked for over 20 years in London secondary schools, while continuing my practice as a painter and I currently teach part time in an East London girls' school. My paintings are mainly figurative and often include narrative, symbolic and metaphorical imagery. I also produce still life paintings, landscapes, prints and portraits from life and/or photographs.


In my recent work the school Art room has become the subject, including paintings based on drawings of groups of students. In these I have played with different perspectives, narrative devices and patterns based on digital circuitry, suggesting the technology of the world these students have been born into. I studied History of Art as well as Art and am interested in different narrative devices and ways of creating picture depth. Some of the paintings such as Ellipse (left) are also satirical self portraits, exploring stereotypical images of a school teacher, and my relationship to that role.