Cap sa Sal Rocks lino print
The Rights of the Child Lino Print

Cap sa Sal Rocks

4 Colour Lino- A4 print on A3 paper

£ 75 

Edition of 10

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The Rights of the Child

Single Colour Lino

A4 Print on A3 Paper


Edition of 15

Available in my shop

On the Orange Sofas 3 colour Lino Print on black colours- A2 - £85

Steel Pan Players A3 lino Print -edition of 20- £40

below - Nell at Mylla A3 4 colour lino - £65

On the Orange Sofas, lino print on paper, 30x40cm, edition of 5. Available in twomore editions with blue and purple uniform colours
Steel Pan Players Lino
A lino 4 colour reduction print in am edition of 8