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Ms Kelly in the LRC ( Library)
Oona Kelly is the manager of the LRC and an expert on school and local history, art and literature.

Ms Kelly in the LRC, oil on canvas, 115 x 115 cm, 2021
Wilma Dominique is a Learning Mentor and works on the school allotment,
which is shown blooming with wild flowers and full of vegetables.

Ms Dominique in the School Allotment, oil on canvas, 115 x115 cm,
Ms Jean Baptiste, oil on canvas, 202150 x 70 cm, .jpg
Ms Cassango in the school grounds, oil on canvas, 50x70cm, 2021 jpg
Oil paintings of three more colleagues from WSFG:

Ms Seddiqui, Maths teacher, left

Ms Cassango, maths teacher, above

Ms Jean-Baptiste, Associate -Assistant Head and SPL, above left. 

What we Loved 


Oil on Canvas

80 x 80 cm


What we loved Oil Painting.jpg
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