Dr Emma Young NHS Consultant in Emergency Medicine, by Nicola Hepworth

Dr Emma Young, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Newham University Hospital Trust

I painted Emma during the 2020 lockdown, as part of the initiative Portraits for NHS Heroes ( click on image for more info) started by artist Tom Croft, to create free portraits of NHS workers during the Covid19 pandemic. 

This painting has now been included in the Book Portraits for NHS Heroes, published by Bloomsbury . All profits go to NHS charities. 

Emma is a respected doctor at a busy East London hospital, a wonderful person with many interests, including poetry, literature, knitting, camping amd wild swimming as well as being a mother and a friend; a bit of a Renaissance woman, so I painted her in profile, like many early Renaissance portraits. 

I like her relaxed yet determined pose, her slight smile and sidewards gaze, showing her humour, even in the face of adversity. 


Martyn Veevers,

Clinical Team Manager (Mental Health Nurse)  Halton Recovery Community Mental Health Team, NW Borough NHS Foundation Trust.

Martyn has been a very good friend for a long time. I painted him for the Portraits for NHS Heroes initiative during the Covid 19 2020 Lockdown. During the pandemic he has managed an increasingly difficult caseload, as the mental illnesses of many patients have been adversely affected by the situation. He is pictured here walking in woodland, where he likes to go in his spare time. 

Martyn Veevers
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